Marvel's The Avengers Encyclopedia 2015 Hard Cover


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PRE ORDER ONLY.  October release date.


The most comprehensive single volume ever published on Marvel's premier Super Hero team, Marvel's The Avengers Encyclopedia is an expansive encyclopedia detailing the genesis of the team and its individual heroes and foes. Explore the origins and powers of more than 250 characters and 40 teams and lineups including fan-favorites such as Captain America and Black Widow.

Discover twenty of the most significant storylines in The Avengers' history and see prominent characters, such as Iron Man and Thor, explored in impressive detail, with special features including a lineup of Iron Man's many suits and all the characters who have wielded Thor's hammer.

Structured in a fun and accessible way and packed with fantastic comic book art,Marvel's The Avengers Encyclopedia is a must-have guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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