DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai - Batman: Timeless Steampunk Designed by Hitoshi Kondo


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The Dark Knight from the 1890s!

Inspired by the sci-fi subgenre of steampunk. 10 1/2-inch tall action figure designed by Hitoshi Kondo. Features interchangeable hands, transparent chest armor, and a 5-layer cape! A Batman will always exist, as the Dark Knight is timeless. Inspired by the sci-fi subgenre of steampunk, this plastic variant Batman Timeless Steampunk Hitoshi Kondo Variant PAK Figure by Hitoshi Kondo measures about 10 1/2-inches tall x 10 1/4-inches wide x 8-inches long. It includes a display stand and interchangeable hands. Gears and cogs are seen through a transparent piece in the chest armor, and the 5-layer cape recalls designs by da Vinci. It's extraordinary!

His Batsuit, with many design aspects inspired by turn-of-the-century steam powered technology, offers a design that transcends time and space. Fine sculpting and paintwork, as well as careful consideration of the materials used, elevate the unique texture of the technology's functional beauty. For example, multiple gears and cogs can be seen through a transparent piece in the chest armor, and a burnished bronze metallic color is used throughout. This Batman figure has a dignified, almost classical aura, emphasized by a 5-layer structure of the cape. The technical machinery would not be out of place in an 1890's Batcave, and the gas lamp atmosphere evoked by this design is a perfect match for the Dark Knight.

Size: 10 1/2-inches tall