Delivery and Shop Policy (as of Dec 2015)

Web Store Policy


  • For all sales and product enquiry, please send them to our primary contact email:
  • You may also contact us on our facebook page: regarding toys (Atomic Candy) | regarding comics (Atom Comics)
  • Upon full payment, a system generated confirmation email will be sent to your email account.
  • Please note that some products are launched in USA at a later date than when you ordered. It takes an average ONE month after the launched date for the products to arrive at our shop. 
  • Once your order arrives, we will notify you via email that your order is ready for collection at the shop.
  • If you wish to check on your order status, you may email us at, leave a message on our facebook page, or personally drop by the shop.
  • Most items listed need to be Pre-Ordered, so please contact us directly if you have any questions.
  • Any abusive customer on our site or on our social media we will block from our site and media outlets.

Price and Discounts

  • All product prices are subject to change.
  • Online discounts may not apply to products sold at the shop.
  • If you missed any online discounts or sale windows, we will not be able to back roll discounts for you.
  • We reserve the right to void any transactions or discounts.

Orders and Delivery

  • All local orders must be picked up at our shop. We no longer do local delivery.
  • We do international shipping for Malaysia and Australia only.
  • If you are located outside of Singapore, please contact us regarding delivery options before you place an order.
  • We complete all orders following an order queue sequence. Meaning, customers who placed their order before you will be entitled to collect their orders first.
  • Please do not request to bump your order ahead of the queue.
  • If we are unable to fulfill your order, we will do a refund (Please refer to Refund Policy below for more details).
  • Delivery problems or delays may occur from time to time i.e. Nerf Guns getting held up at customs for further inspection. When orders take unprecedented delays to fulfill, your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Please understand that we are always doing our best to ensure that your orders arrive as soon as it is manageably possible.

Certain items listed qualify for mothership programs.

Direct delivery from our distributor to you. 

Free delivery unless specified.

There is a delivery charge for customers that are not in Singapore.

Changes to program rules and information will be updated on going bases.

    Retail Store Policy

    • We are located at the following: 

      Customer Service

      11 Beach Road #03-01 Singapore 189675

      Operation Hours : Open By Request / Appointments only

      Phone:  +65 31579161

      Warehouse / Retail

      Kapo Factory Block A Level 2 unit 02-05

      Operation Hours : Open By Request / Appointments only

    • You may contact us on our facebook page: regarding toys (Atomic Candy) | regarding comics (Atom Comics)
    • Similar to online orders, Pre-Orders at the shop must be paid in full. Upon payment, you will receive a system generated confirmation email of your order.
    • For comics, orders placed after the monthly deadlines will take a longer time to fulfill, and prices may be subject to change.
    • We may require extended time to search for items you are interested in, so your patience is appreciated.
    • If you have reserved items with us (meaning you have not paid in full or made a deposit), we will hold it for max. 1 week. Said items will return to the shelf for sale if you are unable to pay or pick up in time. 
    • If you have a Pre-Paid order, it will be set aside for you. You will be notified via email of its arrival. Please pick up as soon as it is possible.
    • If we are unable to fulfill your order, we will do a refund (Please refer to Refund Policy below for more details).

    Refund Policy

    • We can do a refund in full, if and only if, we are unable to fulfill your PRE-ORDER due to these reason(s):
    1. Production wave has ended before our supplier could secure the items
    2. Products fail to arrive within 3 months from its release date in U.S. 
      (Note that release dates are subject to change, depending on the manufacturers)
  • Similarly, for IN-STORE purchases, no cash refunds are allowed. 
  • However, for IN-STORE PRE-ORDERS, refunds in the form of store credit will be granted if the above reasons 1 and 2 apply.
  • For items with manufacturing defects and/or packaging damage, no refunds are allowed.

  • If your order are for group ordering or resale we can only refund you with store credit or for other instock items or PO items.


    refunds can be done in the following

    1-Store Credit towards other instock items or other pre orders.  If your order was placed with in 3 month time frames we will only be able to give you store credit or change to other in-stock item.

    2-If refund are to be done in cash we can do so through your paypal / card account or through POSB or other local bank transfer.  (Please note that this is allowed under our refund policy based on when you place your order, please refer to our refund policy on our site )

    3-All refunds are processed by the end of 10 working days.

    4-If your order is for resale or group order we will only be able to give you store credit.

    5-If your order is ordered under discount we will  check on the total and reply back to you base on discounted rate.

    6-All email communication is done with in 24 hour and once per day as it was received.

    7-All subscription base orders are not refundable such as Funko box programs and back order Funko boxes.

    8- All Hot Toys Pre order are not refundable,  change to other items or other pre order acceptable.

    (Please note depending on dollar amount refunds can or will be done in stages)


    We Reserve the right to refuse any service or refund under the following.

    1-any verbal abuse or negative comments towards our team member

    2-any negative or insulting or threat comments on electronic communication formats or any social media platform by involved person or parties towards our brand or team member will void all refund process and services.

    3-Any threats towards our business establishments or brand will not be tolerated and will be reported as such.


    Damages to Packaging

    • All incoming orders have to be checked at customs for security reasons - it is the law. As a result, please understand that your products may have been opened before.
    • We do not cover the cost of any damages to product packaging.
    • We do not cover the cost of any manufacturing defects.
    • All shipping costs involved to send the item with manufacturing defect back to U.S. will be borne by the customer.
    • All packages are delivered to us via international shippers.  

    Customer Service Team

    • We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to any abusive customers.
    • We treat all customers fairly, amiably, with respect and to the best of our abilities. Please treat our customer service team in kind. Thank you.