This is one of the hot figures coming out of Japan this month.  REVOLTECH Deadpool !

We first heard about this figure a year ago and been waiting patiently for it.  All the major Japanese figure companies been coming out with damn cool figures based on Marvel / Disney, DC characters.  All have better details and quality compare to hasbro, Mattel and even Disney's own products.

You get what you paid for.  Yes price is high however you will not be disappointed.  

overall size is in line with 6" plus line.  Sculpt is super nice plus extra face parts!  love it.  Articulation is like a yoga style. Tons of our Fig photo friends get this figure for photo projects which you will see on their Insta pages.

LIKE:  Super articulation to the max.  tons of extra parts and face and head expressions.  Nice graphic design on package.

Dislikes: Non removable weapons. Packaging is cheap like their other packages,  

Price:  range from $50 USD to $100 plus depending on where you get it and where in the world you are at.